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TOKUTSU TERMINAL CO.,LTD. was established in September 1982, located in the North Guangfu Avenue, Taipei City, as an agency of the major electronic products of J. S. T. of Japan(Japan Solderless Terminal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ).

TOKUTSU is characterized with high quality and enthusiastic service, entering the market of Taiwan successfully, and popular with all walks of life. In 1984, it was reorganized into TOKUTSU TERMINAL CO.,LTD. because of the rapid expansion of business and increase of capital, setting up factories to processing Wire Harness and Cable assembly, extending the market to all the major enterprises abroad.

TOKUTSU has been engaged in the field of Wire Harness and Connectors, taking this as the Business scope of the company. Our aim is to provide the customers with products of most stable quality and most advanced technology.

Therefore our staff’s attitude is vital to the fulfillment of
this aim. Because of this, the spirit of the company management is providence, perseverance, diligence, and steadiness, taking this as a rule so that everybody, from the top to the bottom, is absorbed with this spirit in the daily


work so as to fulfill a voluntary all-sided quality management. In the meantime, we have imported the most advanced technology and equipment, and prepared to produce newer and better products to
entertain our customers.

At the present, we have extended the scope of our product service to the use of several Products, such as the use of the sophisticated
electronic products like lap top, LCD Monitor, Digital Camera, Mobile Phone, PDA, GPRS, and so on.

Thanks to the patronage and approval from all walks of life in the past years, the sale has increased greatly. In case of this situation, our company has imported the most advanced Japanese automatic machinery and technology in succession, and continued to develop new contemporaneous products, and prepared for a continuous business and creating more prospective enterprise future .